Has Life Gone a Bit Pear-Shaped?

Are you feeling concerned or troubled?

Do you want an unbiased person to talk to, without the fear of feeling judged?

Do you want someone neutral to support you through your concern?


Stress Management


Worry, concern, and stress are normal emotions that people feel in various seasons of their lives. In small doses, they can be beneficial in motivating us to grow in our achievements and relationships. However, when these emotions become consuming and overwhelming or begin to cause physical symptoms like insomnia, heart conditions or depression, counselling may be helpful. After listening to your individual situation and preferences, I can teach you stress management techniques that you can turn to when stress becomes unbearable. Worry and stress take on many different forms. Here are a few of the conditions I have helped my clients overcome:

  • Stress & Burnout
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Social Phobia



Are you feeling hurt and betrayed by your spouse or partner? Worried about upsetting your children’s lives if you leave your relationship? Maybe you’re wondering if being single again is worse than the hurt you are feeling at the moment. These are just a few of the fears clients face when there are difficulties in a relationship. I will listen to your concerns and teach you skills to help resolve differences and promote reconciliation. Or, I can lead you through the mediation process and help you develop fair and agreeable solutions through separation. The modern family and today’s relationships are complicated and diverse. Here are some of those areas I can help:

  • Difficult Relationships
  • Marriage
  • Co-Parenting
  • Blended Families
  • Mediation for couples, separation, co-parenting, blended families

Life Transitions

Starting over after a devastating loss can be overwhelming. You world has broken into a thousand pieces and your identity as a spouse, parent or your career has been taken from you. The hopes, dreams and plans you once treasured are among the pieces of your former life. While you can’t put those pieces back together the way they were before your loss, I can help you rebuild your life around your grief and loss. There are many types of grief and losses in life. This is an example of some I can help you through:

  • Death
  • Depression
  • Ending of a relationship
  • Career Changes, Redundancy, Unemployment
  • Aging

Trauma & Crisis Counselling


The affects of trauma and abuse vary with each individual’s personal and private experience. Whether your experience was recent or occurred many years ago, I can help you restore a sense of control, safety, and stability in your life. I’ll teach you how to keep yourself and others safe, and give you the tools and knowledge to overcome your traumatic life experience.

I am a certified Practitioner of TBT – Trauma Busting Technique

TBT is beneficial because it’s a quick, simple and lasting technique that I can teach to adults and children of any age.

  • TBT is a MIND BODY technique
  • TBT combines the Mind and Body in healing trauma.
  • TBT works with all traumas small or LARGE
  • TBT works on RECENT or CHILDHOOD traumas
  • TBT is simple and works without any analysis of the traumatic event
  • TBT works on changing old unwanted behaviours, feelings and patterns.
  • TRAUMA is any event to which there are negative feeling, emotions and thoughts attached
  • TBT is designed to eliminate the symptoms of trauma and post traumatic stress (PTS)

When the original trauma is eliminated, there will be no triggers to reinforce the negative feeling, emotions and behaviours.

Elimination is rapid, painless and lasting.

The response to a trauma can be any of these or a combination

  • Flight
  • Fight
  • Freeze

The symptoms of trauma are:

  • Flashbacks
  • Hyper vigilance
  • Disassociation

Some of my clients have experienced:

  • Sexual Abuse
  • Emotional Abuse
  • Domestic Violence

I also offer the following services

Crisis Work

  •  Keep your loved ones safe
  •  Learn how to keep yourself and others safe
  • Gain tools and knowledge to overcome the crisis


Employee Assistance Programme

  • Experienced EAP provider
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Prevent staff difficulties impacting on your business


Professional Supervision

  • Build professional awareness, competence and confidence
  • Reflect, review and evaluate your work practice
  • Safety and confidentiality around work dynamics


  • Supporting couples through separation
  • Working through issues regarding the children
  • Splitting your assets and chattels amicably
  • Learn how to have an amicable relationship following separation